Mulch Pickup Pricing

Single Grnd Light Mulch

$1800per yard

Single Grnd Dark Bark

$2300per yard

Dark Double Grnd Mulch

$2200per yard

PREM DBL Grnd Dark Bark

$2750per yard

Dyed Chocolate Brown

$3450per yard

Dyed Black

$3450per yard

Dyed Red

$3600per yard

Leaf & Compost Pickup Pricing

Super Soil

$3600per yard

Raw Topsoil

$2000per yard

Raw Chips

$900per yard

Screened Chips

$2000per yard

Mushroom Compost

$3800per yard


$3000per yard

Screened Topsoil

$3200per yard

Content Coming Soon!

Stone & Gravel Pickup Pricing

1B Limestone

$3900per ton

2B Limestone

$3400per ton

2A Limestone

$3400per ton

#3 Limestone

$3400per ton

Rip/Rap Limestone

$3800per ton

Pea Gravel

$3400per ton

#2 River Rock

$3400per ton

#3 River Rock

$3600per ton

#4 River Rock

$3800per ton

Mason Sand

$3400per ton

Fill Sand

$3000per ton


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With all dyed mulches the colorant and wood fibers remain wet and moist while in a pile. The colorant doesn’t completely dry until the mulch is spread around landscaping.  After the mulch is spread around landscaping it will take 24 to 48 hours for the dye to dry and settle into the mulch fibers.  This is also known as the dyed mulch curing period.  The curing process does not start until the product is spread; therefore it is fine for dyed mulch piles to be subject to rain, but not freshly spread mulch. 


For the dye to properly dry and absorb into the wood fiber the mulch should not be subject to rain 24 to 48 hours after being spread around landscaping. With that being said, it is not the “end of the world” if it rains on freshly spread mulch; the mulch will just lose colorant faster compared to mulch that is properly cured.  This mulch curing process goes for all dyed mulches, whether bought at our supply yard, Home Depot, or another local supply yard. 

“Great people, great prices, and hard workers! They make their own mulch and topsoil. Class AAA organization.”


“I got 18 yards of natural mulch delivered in the spring. I called around a few places as the previous landscape supply company I used had sold to another company. Prices here were very competitive, they were able to deliver on short notice and were professional with a courtesy call when they were about to leave the lot to make the delivery.”

~A Satisfied Customer